precision modular vise

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mainly used in CNC,machine centre
Accuracy of Parallelism: 0.015mm/full length
Accuracy of Perpendicularity: 0.02/50mm
Made of alloy steel:20CrMnTi
Hardness: HRC 60?
The new Blocking Group could short the clamping time in maximum while moving smoothly & operating easily.
  • precision modular vise^$precision modular vise standard series
  • quick-movable precision vise
  • modular element series
  • ^#precision machine vise^$^#precision tool vise^$^#bench vise^$^#
  • Features
    big clamping power^$^#excellent resistance of vibration^$^#good resistance of cutting force^$^#lowest tool abrasion^$^#high accuracy during operation^$^#

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