JAL636-PL Open Center Pneumatic Cylinder

Product ID: JAL636-PL

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Air cylinder technology is the future. Compared to hydraulic cylinders which now are major option in the industry, air cylinders own more advantages such as higher performance and lower operating cost. Air cylinders are powered by compressed air which means saving cost on hydraulic pumps and tanks. Air cylinders also have extremely low temperature rising since the viscosity of the air is about 1/1000 of the hydro fluid, making them better solution of rear-actuators for high-accuracy NC machines since there will not be thermal distortion problem needs to be worried about, further reducing cost on any cooling equipment.
JAL636-PL Open Center Air Cylinder adopts our patented air cylinder technology, providing unmatchable 920kgf pulling force under 7kg/cm2 (100psi) input air pressure. The speed is up to 6000RPM with very low temperature rising. JAL636-PL also has built-in safety check valve, ensuring pulling force even the input air stream is cut off.

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