JAP100 Front-Mounted Air Diaphragm Chuck

Product ID: JAP100

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"JATO JAP100 Cylinder-Integrated Diaphragm Chuck provides you with a high accuracy yet hassle-free diaphragm chucking solution, saving you from the trouble of installing cylinders, tailor making any draw tubes or air feeders. And with its real front-mounting design, the installation is revolutionarily easier than ever.
With its super precision clamping accuracy (repeatability 0.002mm) and gentle clamping force, the self-contained JAP100 Air Diaphragm Chuck is your ideal choice for any accuracy-critical and fragile material machining tasks. Plus the highly sealed chuck body, it helps prevent cutting chips, dust or any debris from entering, further ensuring a longer product life of the chuck and its accuracy.
JAP100 Air Diaphragm Chuck is a semi-tailor made product. Its jaw pad (full circle jaw) will be designed according to your part and your application. JAP100 has been widely used by our customers for years. It has been proven to be a reliable product and an excellent choice to increase value to your machines and your products, and bring you the unmatchable advantages.
Applications: Precision bushings, DVD spindle motor assembly, Element of bearing assembly, Parts of digital cameras, Thin-wall parts. Fragile parts.

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