JAP100 Series Cylinder Integrated Diaphragm Chuck

Product ID: JAP100

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Revolutionary Design. Diaphragm Chuck combines with Air Cylinder. Repeatability is within ?.001mm.

JATO JAP100 Cylinder-Integrated Diaphragm Chuck is the first diaphragm chucking system that integrates its cylinder with the diaphragm chuck, saving you from the trouble of installing cylinders, tailor making any draw tubes or air feeders. And with its real front-mounted design, the installation is revolutionarily easier than ever.

With its super precision clamping accuracy (repeatability within ?.001mm) and gentle clamping force, JAP100 Diaphragm Chuck is your ideal choice for any accuracy-critical and fragile material machining tasks. Plus the highly sealed chuck body, it helps prevent cutting chips, dust or any debris from entering, further ensuring a longer product life of the chuck and its accuracy.

JAP100 has been widely used by our customers for years. It has been proven to be a reliable product and an excellent choice to increase value to your machines and your products, and bring you the unmatchable advantages.
  • Repeatability is within ?.001mm.
    • JAP100 Diaphragm Chuck makes the clamping movement by material deformation.
  • Cylinder is integrated into Chuck.
    • JATO patented PowerInside Technology can integrate pneumatic cylinder into the chuck, saving you from installing a draw tube or installing any air feeder tube.
  • JAP100 is real front-mounted.
    • Since the air cylinder is integrated. The installation of JAP100 is revolutionary easier than ever. No special technician from JATO is needed.
  • Complete through-hole.
    • No limitation caused by a draw tube or an air feeder. JAP100 can work with bar feeders.
  • Highly-sealed chuck body.
    • JAP100 is highly sealed and can protect cutting chips, dust or coolant fluid from entering. Further ensuring a long product life.
  • No sliding part to wear out.
    • Compared to a wedge hook chuck, JAP100 chucking accuracy is therotically forever.
  • Oil-mist air lubricated.
    • JATO advanced air cylinder technology can provides high pressure to piston with very low leakage. The temperature remains very low even under long period of operation.
  • High speed up to 5000 RPM
    • Suitable for high speed applications.
  • 4 Size Available:
    • JAP104(4in), JAP105(5in), JAP106(6in), JAP107(7in).
  • See www.jato-precision.com
    • Promotion samples are available.
      • JATO is actively looking for distributors in the globe. Please contact our sales window.

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