auto LED lamp

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1) Intelligent, Low power consumption, energy saving, Widely used
2) Voltage: 6, 12, 24V
3) Amper (mA): 20
4) Base: BA9S, BA15S, BAY15D, WEDGE
5) Long life: 50,000 hours expected
6) General bulbs types available: G40, RP35, S25, G18, G11, T20, T15,T10, T5
7) Super white bulbs: we can supply super white bulbs, rainbow blue and yellow bulbs, and twin color bulbs
8) Color bulbs: we can supply painted bulbs in various
different colors
High Brightness^$^#Low power consumption^$^#Long Time life^$^#Latest style^$^#
  • Emark
  • E11
  • ISO9001

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