auto HID Xenon ballast

Product ID: HID Xenon ballast

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1) Stainless steel case for waterproof and vibration resistance
2) Quick and safe ignition with internal voltage protection
3) Operating temperature: -40 to 105C, case temperature
4) Operating input current: 3.2A
5) Output power: 35W
High Brightness^$its luminous flux and illuminated area are nearly3 times as that of the halogen tungster lamp^#Low power consumption^$The power is only about half of halogen tungster lamp but emitting 3 times of light^#Long lifetime^$Its life is more than 3000H, it is about 10 times of the halogen tungster lamp^#Latest style^$HID lamp will provide you with more pride, make you high-spirited and vigorous.^#
  • Emark
  • E11
  • ISO9001

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