XPS Foamed board extrusion line

Product ID: EX-1004

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Extruder system No 1 zone No 2 zone
Screw dia(mm) 120 150
Screw ratio(L/D) 36 36
Heating zone 9 12
Heating power(kw) 50 90
Drawing motor power(kw) 110 90
Thickness of produced board(mm) 20,25,30,40,50,60
Width of produced board(mm) 600,900
Length of produced board(mm) 1200,1250,2450,2500
Edge of produced board ss type (sl connection, Rc)
Output(kg/h) 280
Dimension L*W*H(m) 40*8.2*5.5
Total weight (ton) 20
finished product^$It is used in steel construction workshop, iron sheet house and colored ripple tile for heat preservation. ^#finished product^$It is used for making up the heat insulation board in the refrigeration storehouse for cold preservation and waterproofing.^#finished product^$It is used for laying the bedding under the road bed of the highway for buffering and controlling the frost heaving of the ground^#finished product^$It is used for waterproofing and heat preservation of residential building, office building, the factory wall and roof.^#finished product^$It is used for laying the bedding under the floor for the function of heat insulation, damp proof and sound insulation.^#