Blowing Film Machinery Series

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Our Blowing Machine Series as below:
1. PVC_Hot_Shrinkable_Blown_Film_Machine---Model No.SJ-50-55-65
2. Stretch Cling film Machine---Model No.SLW
3. Blown-Down 3layer co-extrusion PP film production line--Model No.STJ
4. Double_Head_Film_Blowing_Machine ---Model No.SJB
5. Two-Color Strip Film Blown Machine ---Model No.SJ-50X2-700
6. PE_Film_Blown_Machine---Model No.SJ-45-50-55-65
7. Concave-Convex Self-Buttomed Bag Film Blowing Machine---Model No.SJA
8. PE_Hot_Shrinkable_Film_Blown_Machine ----Model No.SJ-
9. Three Five-Layer Coextrusion_Blown_Film_Machine ----Model No.SJ-500-1500
10.Three Five-Layer Coextrusion_Blown_Film_Machine(Reversing Haul Off) ----Model No.SJ-500-1500
11. POF_Shrinkable_Three_Layer_Coextrusion_Blown_Film_Machine ----Model No.SGJ-500-1500
12. Air bubble blowing machine----Model No.JD

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just for blowing plastic film^$This machine is used for blowing plastic(PP,PE,PVC,etc.) film^#More details^$kindly pls contact me for more details.^#

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