DEICAI solvent printer

Product ID: wide-format printer

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Models DIECAE 3208/3212/3216/2508/2512/2516/2208/2212/2216/1808/1812/1816
Print Technology Piezo print heads
Resolution 180dpi, 360dpi
Printhead XAAR 128 (Options: 8 heads, 12 heads, 16 heads)
Printing width 3.2m/2.5m/2.2m/1.8m width by media length
Speed (16 printheads example) 2pass 68m2/h (high speed output)
3pass 48m2/h (standard output)
4pass 32m2/h (high quality output)
Colors 18 million, CMYK
Media width 3.3m/2.5m/2.2m/1.8m
Media handling Roll to roll handling, single board
Media types Paper, advertising banners, PVC, mesh fabrics, adhesive
vinyl, and, painting banners, PP paper
Ink Solvent-base pigments, 2year out door life
Image data formats TIFF, JPG, PDF, PSD, EPS, PS, Bitmap
RIP Photoprint 4
Control Software Special software by Chiting Digital Technological Co Ltd
Control Station Operating Systems Windows2000, Windows XP
perating Environment Voltage: 220V(+10%),>10A
Power supply: single phase 50HZ/60HZ
    • High speed: Our own tests show that DIECAI is a high velocity printer that is 20%-40% faster than most of its competitor's using he same printhead system.
  • High resolution: DIECAI gives 360dpi resolution and raster is used to ensure the resolution is unchanged during the printing process.
  • DIECAI offers heavy colour saturation: The high resolution, high accuracy+ high degree of color saturation offers an unequalled printing effect for Graphics Screen Printers. DIECAI can print on both outdoor and indoor suitable media. Users benefit from one machine but two usages.
      • (1). Data transmission. DIECAI uses optical fiber cable for data transmission, ensuring a faster operation and avoiding interference from electromagnetic waves
    • (2)
      • Automatic cleaning System. Once set, the equipment cleans the DIECAI printheads automatically, enabling a consistent output over a long period of time.
    • (3)
      • Front-back heating function. This feature ensures the ink will not blur, allowing even speeds and year round Printing (including winter), plus printing onto self-adhesive media.
    • (4)
      • Weep function. This causes each jet to fire approximately once each second, which prevents the printheads from drying during printing pauses.

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