Zinc Oxide Varistor

Zinc Oxide Varistor

metal oxide varistor (MOV)

Product ID: 32mm to 138mm

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Our company has been researching, developing, manufacturing and selling Zinc Oxide Varistor, Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester and other power transmission and distribution equipments since the end of 1970s. We have the productivity of yearly 4.5 million Zinc Oxide Varistors, 0.5 million Zinc Oxide Lightning Arresters. Our products have covered the market of 32 provinces and municipalities and autonomous regions, and also been exported to France, Korea, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Brazil, Mexico and other countries.
.metal oxide varistor
.diameter from 32mm to 138mm

Main Products

surge arrester(MOA or LA), metal oxide varistor (MOV),CT, PT