Incline knurl nut

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Incline knurl Nuts

Installing nuts in sheet materials which are difficult to joint
This method is easy to apply.


1.Treatment of thin sheet.
Install this nut on sheet with thickness of not less than 0.6mm.
2.Materials that is difficult to joint with.
This nut can be used on steel materials that is hard to joint with ,and also on materials such as aluminum ,stainless steel and plastics.
3.High installing strength
The part under head has its unique shape,when it is pressed in,sheets are fixed,and higher installation strength is obtained.
4.Easy installation
5.No need for special tooling ,air pressure and hydraulic pressure would be enough for simple installation.
6.The opposite side of nut is flat while the surface is not.
7.Still can be used after surface treatment.
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001

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