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Brick industry expert
As the professional producer of brick-making equipment, since the day of producing the first machine ?pavement board brick machine? and after constant effort of about 13 years, now not only FUFAN has been the brick-making expert, but also its own specialty has come into being and the company has been at the head position of the field in the most competing market. The idea of ?to embody customers' worthiness? will be xxxxx
*The die can be replaced to produce bricks for building road shoulder, road edge, river channel, protecting slope, square, dock, wall, heat partition wall, grass ground and etc. Thus the machine can be used in many field. Machine-human talk is realized and the operation is automatic.

Next we'd like to brief on the performance for these machines.
Our brick machine QT6-15A use the stuff material such as industry waste residues,such as coal cinder,slag and coal slack or concrete,too etc.

They can produce color pavement board brick,river shoulders, hollow bricks protecting slope,heat partition wall,dock etc.
  • Fully automatic model
    • Our brick machine is full-automatic model.Surely,you also may adopt the simple production line.
  • We have QT4,QT6,QT8,QT10 at present.
  • ISO

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