Stone water jet cutting machine

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With leading production techniques from home and abroad, the machine is easy to set number of blocks,thickness,depth of cutting and cutting speed at will.

3015 series cnc omnipotent water jet can almost cut any materials, the best solution for complex cutting.
1.CNC water cutting machine is equipped with fully close axial slide system
2. The infrastructure is made of stainless steel, adjustable water slot and water excessive device.
3. The pure water or abrasive material cutting head can be equipped with automatic sand feeding device
4. The pure water or abrasive material cutting device features fine cutting effect and reliable performance.
5 The system boast of divided structure plug and play function, built-in cabinet and power cabinet.
6. The processing driving is controlled through CNC system, the system is driven by step motor so as
to ensure precision
7. The working pressure reaches 300Mpa
8. The max displacement reaches 3.0L/min
9. The work piece will not produce thermal effect, hardening and stress as well as distortion.
10. The procedure produces no smoking, no dust and steam fog
11. The niche is small and flat
12. Fast cutting and high precision
13. The system can almost cut any material with the thickness from film to 150mm.
14. Straight cutting and plane or curve cutting.

The high pressure water tank and the oil tank lid are directly connected with screws, therefore it features simple repairing and precise assembling.

The high pressure sealing ring is precisely made by applying imported compounded materials, the sealing performance and life are largely improved.

The reversing unit applies newest design and the proximity switch applies Japan OMRON parts, the effect of reversing and oil sealing are largely improved.

The screws and guide rails are provided by renowned Taiwan manufactures, the X and Y axis applies unique oil dipping lubricafing, with the combination of effective water proof and dust proof structure, it assures the processing precision of the machine and prolongs the life of the screws and guide rails to the max.

The cutting head is equipped with reliable pneumatic high pressure water switch control unit, largely improving the production efficiency.

The unique sand valve design enables the sand to flow smoother and the cleaning becomes more convenient, as well as preventing the occurrence of water leakage.

More details can be offered if you asked.
  • water pressure cutting machine.
    • It can almost cut any materials.
  • The best solution for complex cutting especially for stone cutting and glass and steel plate cutting.
  • bridge
    • It can cut the big size of block with max 6 pcs of blade.
  • ISO

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