Fuel Injector Diagnostic & Cleaning System

Product ID: WDF-6X

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Perform diagnosis of flow equalization, leak tightness, injection visualization, cleaning and reverse washing for mono or multi-point injectors, as well as TBI and CIS injectors
Includes liquid temperature overheat warning function and combustible gas warning
Includes cables and adaptors for connection of mono and multi-point injectors and
CIS injectors
Includes contamination test accessories
Includes manometer of 6.5 bars for test pressure reading
Electrical valve for test liquid emptying from glass tube
Engine chamber cleaning without disassembly (available as per options)
  • Oil pressure^$0~640KPa (6.5kg/cm2), 9.8KPa (0.1kg/cm2), adjustable for ultrasonic diagnostic and cleaning of injectors100W, 25kHz ultrasonic diagnostic and cleaning of injectors, with capacity of stainless
  • steel tank for 1L (8L available as per options)^#Injection time^$0~600sec, step 1sec ^#Injection number of times^$0~10,000, step 50^#Pulse duration^$1~20ms, step 0.1ms
  • ^#Rotation speed^$ 0~9,950rpm, step 50rpm^#
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