PDR series PTC heaters

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PTC thermistors have premium properties such as automatic constant temperature, great endurance, energy saving, without open flame, safe usage and easily-controlled heat.

Based on the electrical parameters of PTC elements, we design and manufacture the mechanically structured PDR series heaters, which exhibit an excellent balance of high output power of heat airflow, rapid temperature-rising, automatic constant temperature, low power dissipation, low leakage current and safe usage. They have been widely used in household air-conditioner, residential central air-conditioner, clothes dryer, fan heater, dryer, air curtain, dehumidifier, as well as other heating equipments. The thermistors may be tailored to meet customers' needs on input power, voltage, external dimensions (including mounting brackets). Thermostats and fuses may also be selectively installed to secure the normal working conditions of the heaters.

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