Laser Engraving Machine / Laser Marking Machine

Product ID: PEDB-200

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Applicable Scope:
It is widely applied in automobiles, motor accessories, general mechanism, steel, petroleum, spaceflight, hardware, tools, etc.

Applicable materials:
It can mark on work-piece made by steel, metal, plastic & non-metal material, etc.

Technical data:
1) Marking Scope: 300mm*200 mm; (or chosen by user)
2) Marking Speed:
Stable performance^$YAG lamp-pumped solid laser device are the most extensively using ones currently with stable performance, reasonable cost & outstanding quality.^#Can be applied on the heat-treated^$PEDB-200 Laser Marking Machine can be applied on the heat-treated metal parts, which pneumatic marking machine can't work on.^#Can make deeper marks. ^$Compare to galvanometer laser marking machine, PEDB-200 Laser Marking Machine could make deeper marks. ^#Easy to maintain ^$It's designed by our company & easily to maintain. ^#Permanent mark^$It can mark date & serials number automatically.^#

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