Percussion Driver Drill

Product ID: PDE-18

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1) Capacity:
a) Steel: 10mm (3/8")
b) Wood: 25mm (1")
c) Masonry: 8mm (5/10")
2) Blows per minute:
a) High: 0 - 18,000bpm
b) Low: 0 - 5,200bpm
3) Non-load speed:
a) High: 0 - 1,250rpm
b) Low: 0 - 400rpm
4) Soft / hard joint: 28 / 40N.m
5) 3-mode combination model for drilling in masonry
6) Screw driving and normal drilling
7) LED job light for excellent work efficiency in dimly-lit places
8) UV protected TPE soft handle
9) Motor with built-in fan highly resistant to overload
10) 20 stages' adjustable clutch for precise torque setting
11) All metal gear construction
12) Two-speed gear box for max. torque
13) Half-metal keyless chuck
14) Variable speed with electric feedback for increased power and control. also electric
15) With three colors (yellow, blue and green) for options
16) 2 x 1.5A Ni-Cd batteries
17) 1h fast charger
3-mode combination model^$^#LED job light ^$^#20 stages' torque setting^$^#Two-speed gear box for max. torque^$^#All metal gear construction^$^#
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