Powder Filling Machine

Product ID: Dry Syrup Powder Fil

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The incoming dry container (Sterilized and Siliconised) are fed through the unscrambler and suitably guided on the moving slat conveyor belt at the required speed for the correct placement below the powder wheel.

All the parts and assemblies coming in contact with the powder are made

of S.S.-316 and easily removable for mandatory autoclaving / sterilisation.

Multiple dosing of Injectablepowder or change-over of container size

and different fill size is possible by just changing the vial separator or the size of the

piston respectively. Total powder filling and unscrambler speed is synchronous, and eliminates the separate setting of each unit. Slat conveyor belt to prevent jamming of

assembly due to spillage of powder. Special clutch system is provided in the vial

separator for safety purpose. No Vial, No-Fill' system eliminates wastage

of costly powders. The motor is provided with appropriate Contactors and Relays for the protection against any overload or jamming.

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