Cap Sealing Machine

Product ID: Vial Cap Sealing Mac

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Parts coming in contact with the Container or the Aluminium Cap or exposed to the Atmosphere are made out of Stainless Steel for Long Life, Good House - Keeping and Good Manufacturing Practice
Single Motor Synchronises CONVEYOR, STAR WHEELS and PLATFORM TURRET and the speed can be varied by the Hand Wheel provided on the side of the Machine
INFEED / EXIT STAR WHEEL is equipped with Safety Clutch for Automatic Stoppage of Machine in case of Jamming and / or Over Loading
A Photosensing Device Stops the Machine Automatically in the event, there is no Aluminium Cap in the Delivery Chute
Quick & Very Easy Change Over and setting possible from one size of Container to another by a Single Ratchet
Unique Single Sealing Roller imparts uniform, scratch free, fit tight and reliable skirting and sealing

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