horizontal carbonized glossy/ matte bamoo flooring

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The horizontal laid bamboo flooring is unmatched in its stabilty and durability given its laminated construction. Each section of Bamboo is selected and then machined to ensure a perfectly constructed board. The stability of horizontal laid bamboo floor boards are greatly enhanced by the opposing direction of the middle layer. All layers are solid Bamboo; again greatly adding to the boards stabilty.
  • 960x123x17mm^$also the specification on basis of customer's demand
  • ^#960x96x15mm^$22pcs in Paper carton box with color label
  • Each layer usd PE wrapping foam for protection
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  • Features
  • anti press, anti distortion ^$Horizontal Carbonized Random /conjoint Burl matte/Glossy
  • A natural darkening process known as "carbonization" is used, where steam is applied during manufacturing. The resulting heat carbonizes the sugar components of the bamboo stalks, altering their colour as desired. Our quality pre-finished flooring carbonized color is like brown
  • E1 standard, 6 times UV lacquer
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