AI Ga In P Semiconductor Laser Cure Instrument

Product ID: GX-1000A

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For treatment on cerebral and cardiac vascular diseases, cerebral infarction, psoriasis, abrupt deafness etc.
  • Range of Indication
    • For treatment on cerebral and cardiac vascular diseases, cerebral infarction, psoriasis, abrupt deafness etc.
  • Treatment Mechanism
  • When the semiconductor laser beam with wavelength of 650nm~680nm is guided by Optical Fiber Needle through I.V. Catheter directly into blood vessel for circulative blood irradiation, the molecular structure of protein (enzyme and other functional protein) can be changed. Due to energy conversion of photo-chemical effects, the body can receive series of biochemicaleffects, which are
    • Treatment Mechanism
      • To improve hemorrheological properties (decrease whole blood viscosity, plasma viscosity, thrombocyte accumulative ability and red blood cell accumulative ability , and increase red blood cell metabolic ability), to decrease blood solidification, restrain formation of thrombus, improve blood circulation, especially micro-circulation;
    • Treatment Mechanism
      • To regulate immune status (including humoral immunity and cellular immunity),raise anti-disease ability of the body. It is beneficial for recovery of the patient suffered from infectious diseases or metamorphism immunity.
    • Treatment Mechanism
      • To detoxify, raise SOD activity (this enzyme can eliminate free radical from the body), reduce level of middle molecular substance(MMS) and reduce accumulation of poisonous substances, thus protecting body from the damage caused by free radical, MMS and other toxicity substance.
    • So it has non-specific and extensive therapeutic effect
  • Features
  • It is one of our updated products based on He-Ne Laser Multi-function Cure Instrument, but with more perfect functions and superior performances:
    • Features
      • It is made using semiconductor laser with longer lifetime. It is designed to be shockproof, and weight and sizes are small. The operation is simple with small consumption of electricity as well as good working safety.
    • Features
      • Laser transmission structure is specially designed, so there is no optical fiber damage problem.
    • It may fit with Once-using Optical Fiber Needle for intra-vascular irradiation treatment.
      • Features
        • It may fit with Laser Head Cover for nose cavity irradiation.
      • It may fit with magneto-sucking head for outer body or acu-point irradiation (The treatment mechanism is similar to acupuncture)
        • Features
          • It is controlled by microcomputer with LED display. The function is complete with simple operation.
        • It has two working modes: continuous and pulsed, which can be chosen according to different treatment requirement
  • ISO9001
  • ISO2000
  • ISO13485

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