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Laser Optex can manufacture all kinds of IPL Filter & Internal Filters, which made by BK7 Glass, Fused silica or sapphire crysal, the coating film can support high energy such as 35-50J/cm2.

Laser Optex can manufacture all kinds of IPL Light guides (IPL crystal) , which made by Fused silica and sapphire crystal, Laser optex choose optical grade sapphire crystal which has super high thermail conductivity to ensure the quality of IPL light guide.

Laser Optex have many experience and capability to design the custom IPL Filter and crystal to optimize your special IPL machine with reasonable price from prototype to large volume quantity.

Typical Applications
Lumenis Quantum SR & HR
Lumenis one
Ellipse Flex
PSF (Pneumatic Skin Flattening)

IPL Filter can be coated in a series of industry standard wavelengths.

Skin rejuvenation : standard wavelength: 560nm-1200nm.

option : 590nm-1200nm, 640nm-1200nm.

Hair removal: 695nm-1200nm.

option : 645nm-1200nm,755nm-1200nm.

Custom size and coating are available on request
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