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Ck52 series computer numerical vertical lathe is a kind of special CNC vertical lathe with two columns and fixed crossbeam, which is developed by our company and is specially used for machining tyre moulds, impeller of steam turbine, rotation support, flange and other discal hardware. This machine is able to work continuously in the track of taper without any stop of adjusting the knife just after the linear procession. And it is also capable of processing round, arcs and other any complicated curve.
This machine adopt half-closed servo control system and the main axle adopt the frequency conversion stepless speed regulation and encoder, so that it is capable of processing all kinds of threads and realizing constant speed cutting. With the fixed crossbeam structure, the whole set of the machine shapes as a gantry type framework. And then this framework guarantees the firmness of the machine and makes it have more stability and exactitude compare to other vertical lathe with movable beam when working.
ck5216^$computer numerically controlled^#
hi-quality^$^#cheapest^$^#uncomplicated^$^#easy controlled^$^#
  • I.S.O9001-2000

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