solar heat water system

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1. the key part of the collectors is the absorber core that is be produced by high quality all copper. We use the best welding technology ultrasonic welding. There are high quality, less heat losses and more use longevity(up to more 30 years).
2. we use the high quality black chrome coating, absorption is 93%--95%.emissivity is 9%--10%.
3. we will going on the pressure test for 0.9Mpa after finished the core produced.. insure the flat plate solar collectors have stable faction.
4. we use high quality aluminum-alloy frame ,it be produced by special technology, beautiful and long lifetime.
5. we use the high quality tempered glass , the thickness up to 4mm.resist to hailstone and ageing.
6. we use the rock wool as the collectors' back. Heat insulation. We use the polyethylene board and aluminium foil paper as the frame insulation. Good heat preservation efficient and less heat losses.

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