Hands-free car kit, carbaby

Product ID: CB-001

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1. Novelty appearance.
2. Wireless tune, frequency is FM88.70MHz or FM106.4MHz
3. Hands free, used in the car-radio
4. Maximum transmission distance is around 3 meters
5. Unit takes 12023 standard li-iron battery
6. Talking time (continuous) to 20 hours (approx)
7. Beaming power is
  • How to install^$a. Clip the unit onto the speaker part of your phone set.
  • b. Place the phone set on the Phone Holder (option) or other convenient place in your car-Important (keep within 1meter) between the driver and this unit, as the speaker party is talking from the Internal Mic of the phone set. ^#How to use ^$a. Tune the Car Radio to the right station (Frequency as shown on this packing).
  • b. Switch on the power and the LED will be on.
  • c. Switch off the power after conversation to avoid the battery being driven off (Important).
  • d. Please slightly tune the frequency of the radio station if any slight cacophony is heard. ^#Trouble shooting ^$a. Decrease the volume of your Car Radio or your phone set to avoid heavy Echo.
  • b. Replace the internal battery in case of heavy cacophony or a shorter distance reception.
  • ^#How to replace the battery^$a. Push the Clip at the bottom to open the battery cover.
  • b. Put the cell into the battery case.
  • c. Rebound the battery cover. ^#Main feature^$a. Talking time (continuous) to 10 hours (approx).
  • b. Standby time to 30 days (approx).
  • c. Available distance for transmission around 3 meters.
  • d. Beaming power