cutting rewinding machine

Product ID: LNM-CRM1800

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This equipment can divide the jumbo roll (spunlace nonwoven, airlaid nonwoven, calendering bonded nonwoven, paper roll, etc) into specified small roll, and perforated on the small roll with set length. Automatic, high speed and convenience are the main features of this machine. Full machine structure is compact and reasonable, running is stable, operation and maintains are both simple, it is suitable for paper factory, non-woven towels, wipes production factories.
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http:/ /www^$Automatic pneumatic feeding system^#http:/ /www^$Rewinding system is driven by pneumatic cylinder^#http:/ /www^$With core or without core are both available (for the final products)^#http:/ /www^$Towel length can be set on the panel^#http:/ /www^$With core or without core are both available (for the final products)^#

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