PET strap band production line

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New Invention
The tape extruding & stretching machines are the famous products of our plant, we have some special technology, such as special screw, stretching and oven system designs etc., our machine with the advantages of high extruding capacity and low power consumption can use powder material and 100% recycling material. The screw and cylinder of extruder are made of high quality steel 38CrMoAIA with treatment of nitrating; it has the performance of easy operation & maintenance, reliable quality & running and long usage life.

Product Features
Successful product. our die mould recycled material PET tape line gain its further approval from customers. This extruder is not only for 100% PET recycled material production, but also increased the quality and capacity. It will be highly welcomed in this competitive plastic woven market.
  • PET strap production line
  • PET strap production line
    • Ues 100% recycled material to produce the PET strap band.
  • ISO/CE

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