Beijing Lingqiang Technology Co.Ltd.
Beijing Lingqiang Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company whose core industries include the smart card application technology and the intelligent identify technology. And it is also a high-tech entity specializing in R&D development, designing , producing and selling. Our company provides various services base on the auto-identify technology including smart card, RFID etc, like technical product development, system integration, application software of related industries, engineering practice and outscoring etc. Such as the integrative information solution plan and application system, the development and maintenance services of installed system at the latter stage, COS development etc. Our company is famous for helping customers solve the technology difficulties, and has big advantages like owning strong technical force, overcoming technical difficulties capability.

In 2004, our company newly invested 3 packaging production lines of smart card., and 1 print production line of standard plastic card. And we combine the high efficient management with the ISO2000 strict quality management system in order to provide superior quality and competitive price of products and high-efficient, scrupulous, in-time, considerate services for you.
Our products and technologies are widely applied to Finance, Telecommunications, Industry and Commercial fields, Insurance, Transport, Education and so many areas. We will give customers best services at all times under our core principle of faith.
Our company being a leading position in the technology, our advantages mainly indicate as follows.

1. Our company CPU card technology has a strong R&D development power, solve problems capability. Technique experts have abundant experiences in CPU R&D development and projects practice. Some questions happen in developing process can be accurately prediceted in previous stage, and solved in the developing and test stage. According to the phenomenon in the process of projects, we can accurately analysis and judges as to immediately solve these questions.
2. The technologist of our company even worked for international famous companies. Therefore, for mobile-phone test card, we own the deeper technical background and the capability of solving difficulties, and help customers in good time and high efficient to make orientation and solve the questions (relate to all card communication) in testing process. Our technical level and services have been given a good respondence by the customers established business relationship with us. Our products have been used by more 30 productive enterprises like HAIER, BIRD, MOTOROLA etc.
3. At present, only a few large companies are doing multiple COS integration application research such as Finance, Society Insurance etc in China and some of them have finished. However, an idea of multiple COS integration application is earliest thought of by a charter member of our company, who in advance of the other companies completed the research and development experience.
4. Our company has a large achievement in developing the smart label technical application. We invested a large number of manpower and material resources in the Smart label technology, and have completed some projects researching, developing, and testing in previous stage.

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