2.4 inch PMP

Product ID: LS-238 PMP

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1. 2.4 inch High-clarity TFT LCD colorful screen.
2. Movie playing function: support playing movies download from the internet
3. Support ASF format or the AFS format that is transformed MPEG-4.the effects is 320*240@30f/s
4. With photo-skimming function,which can be used to skim the photos in digital camera,besides,it supports EXIF2.1
5. Support various music frequency,such as MP3/WMA/WMV
6. With game,calendar,time display, support multi-language display
7. Built-in lithium battery,built-in loudspeaker,with SD/MMC card socket
8. Measure: L.140舲.90脛.26mm, Color: white and black
9. With E-book,English dictionary,high bit games up-grade through internet
10. Support game function,with game CD, download more games from the CD or Internet
11. Build in moveable battery, build in speaker.
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