DXL120 Semi-automatic Swirl Flow Polishers Unit (Automatic charging)

Product ID: 01250701.6

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DXL120 Semi-automatic Swirl flow polishers unit (automatic charging)
It is of low and flat-lying structure and suitable for the real time monitoring.
It serves the hydraulic turnover, discharging of workpiece materials, hydraulic lift charging, automatic sorting and automatic charging (DXL120).If it is equipped with special sorting sifter, it can be used as the special equipment for rolling needle polishing process.
Especially suitable for chamfering, deburring and improving surface roughness of various metal and non-metal workpieces to bring about higher appearance quality. It is the first choice for the industries of airplane building, automobile, bearing, textile and artware.
(Patent No):01250701.6
  • ISO9001:2000&ISO14001

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