Diode Straightening Machine

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Product Introduction:
JZJ01 Diode Pin Straightening Machine was developed by Dalian Longzheng Polishers Manufacture Co., Ltd. for more than 8 years of research. We have the intellectual property right on it. Such machine is indeed high-performance automatic equipment for diode manufacturers. It can absolutely take the place of labor to work and has successfully settled the key trouble that has impeded the technical progress of diode industry for decades, and filled up the gap in the said field of the world
1. The production efficiency quintuplicates the man at least, 10kg/hour (30,000 pieces/hour).
2. The rate of products meeting standards is over 98%, and straightening quality is unbelievable better than manual straightening
3. Size is small and power consumption is lower than 2kw.
4. The machine can keep working for 24 hours per day.
5. It greatly saves the labor cost and reduces the labor intensity.
6. High automaticity, advanced frequency control of transmission system, stepless speed regulation, easy to operate, maintain and repair.
  • ISO9001:2000&ISO14001

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