cable lugs, cable link, terminals,cable clamp, cable connector, ground rod,Cable Fitting,

Product ID: cable lugs

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cable clamp, cable connector, ground rod
1.ground clamp
2.strain clamp
3.copper lugs with clamp
5.insulation piercing connector
6.wedge strain clamp
7.aluminium-alloy tension clamp
8.four-core-centralized dead end clamp
9.aluminium-alloy dead end clamp
10.copper earthing rod
11.copper power shunts
12.parallel-groove connector

cable lugs, cable link, terminals
copper & aluminium lugs
2.copper lugs
3.aluminium lugs
4.copper & aluminium connecting tube
5.copper connecting tube
6.aluminium connecting tube
7.spicing sleeve for aluminium conductor
8.pre-insulated terminals
electric cable fitting^$Suitable for the connection of the wires in contribution equipment and power supply cables with electronic apparatus, adopting T2 copper tube and L3 aluminum frition-welding craft.^#