VoIP phone

Product ID: MP-801/802

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support DNS register
support H.323 v4, MGCP, SIP and N2P protocols
support DHCP automatic distribution of parameters such as IP address
according with ITU-T standard signal, DTMF creation and detection
support G.711A/U, G.723.1 5.3/6.3, G.729/A/B/AB/GSM610 voice coding and decoding
support VAD、AGC、AEC、dynamic audio technique, affording the timbre as a common phone
support PPPoE protocol(using when accessed with ADSL、Cable Modem)
support multifarious network configuration, such as LAN、Wide City Network、Special Network、Telecom XDSL、Wide Network MODEM
fast dial

Full-duplex and freehand
volume of phone receiver and loudhailer can be adjusted all alone
volume of phone receiver and loudhailer can be adjusted all alone un-answered call、received call and dialed call can be stored 80 apiece
setup with Brower(such as IE)、Telnet、keyboard and MPTOOL software

support updating IP Phone program long-distance with IE or FTP mode
  • memory^$data memorizer: 2MB
  • program memory: 2MB Flash memory ^#Specifications^$network port: 10/100M Base-T
  • echo counteraction: G165 16ms
  • average network flux: 10-12k bit/s
  • voice delay (point-point): less than 100ms
  • ^#phone power supply^$DC 9V-12Vpower: 2.7W(max.) ^#power supply adapter^$input AC 220V, output DC 9V-12V 500mA ^#
  • Features
  • function and characteristic :^$phone book with 100 numbers,
  • fast dial ,
  • dialing as a common phone ,
  • call transfer and call holding ,
  • volume adjusted conveniently ,
  • full-duplex and freehand ,
  • LCD screen background display ,
  • un-answered call、received call and dialed call query ,
  • include time display of each time zone,
  • NET to PHONE hardware terminal ,
  • offer extended 10/100M HUB function ,
  • H.323、SIP、MGCP protocols are totally compatible,
  • setup operation with keyboard concisely,
  • automatic parameter config with OEM edition of each virtual operational merchant, plug and play ,
  • IP to IP and end-to-end communication ,
  • setup IE in Chinese and English ,
  • ^#
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