SMT Double Splice Device

Product ID: CSD 010

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1. Usage : To connect non-stop the running cassette tape reel to new cassette tape reel
using splice clip & splice tape.
2. Application range :
1).Width : Paper or Emboss Double Carrier Tape, "8mm-72mm"width.
* In case of double 24mm-72mm, it is necessary to calibrate the width adjuster.
2).Thickness : Paper or Emboss carrier tape, 0.3T-1.0T - Not necessary to calibrate
the dial thickness adjuster for carrier tape thickness.
* For compressed soft carrier tape - Necessary to calibrate the dial thickness adjuster.
*In case of especially connecting carrier tape of 32mm or more width, Splicing both sides once.
*For General Purpose Chip Mounter & Multi Function(Flexible) Chip Mounter.
3) Type : Double, combined with Single.
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