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The High-pressure Suspension Grinding mill is made up of the Mainframe, Separator, Air Blower, Cyclone Collector, Bag Dust Catcher and Air Hose. We can provide the Crusher; Hopper Elevator, Silo, Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder, Electrical Control Cabinet and some other accessories according to the customers' demand.
1. Compared with other grinding mill, the output can increase 10-20% under the same condition. The grinding pressure by rollers to the material can add to 800-1200Kgf on account of the high pressure spring.
2. Minerals that Moh's hardness is below scale 9.3 can be processed.
3. The final products size is extensive, from 0.613mm (30mesh) to 0.033mm (425mesh), and the finest powder can reach to 0.013mm (1000mesh).
4. The dust-removing effect can fully conform to the national standard.
5. The Separator is convenient to adjust.
6. The grinding equipments adopt lapping multilevel seal, which is very effective.
 Working Process:
The massive material is grinded into the desired size by Jaw Crusher, and then will be delivered to the storage bin by the lifting machine. Then the material will be fed evenly and continuously into the room of the main frame through Electro-magnetic vibrating feeder to grind. The powder will be carried off by the air blower. After being separated by separator, those powder conforms to the fineness degree will be blew into the cyclone collector along with the air current through the pipeline, then those fine powder will pass through the powder tube to be the final powder. The air current then will return to the blower again through the upper part of the cyclone collector. The above-mentioned steps are repeated.
The grinded material in the rubbing room may contain moisture to some extent , the heat generated during grinding makes the moisture evaporated and changes the air current, and since the pipeline joints are not airtight, the external air is sucked in and the circulation air increases. To ensure the normal work of the grinding machine, the increased air current will be led into the bag dust catcher through the air hose, which separates the Air Blower and the Mainframe; the fine powder that is along with the air current will be collected. And the superfluous air current will be discharged after being purified.
low energry cost^$^#

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