agricultural casting(cast iron flywheel,gear,farm tools,tractor parts)

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Our foundry is a private enterprise and has 15 years of experience in producing castings. It is specialized in producing gray iron and ductile iron castings with an annual output of above 8,000 tons. It also has a sub-foundry with annual output of about 7,000 tons of gray iron and ductile iron castings and a punching plant with 20 sets of punching machines to produce accessory parts. our main products are Municipal Castings (such as ductile iron and cast iron manhole covers with frames, gully gratings and water meter boxes ) Bench Ends,Ornamentals, Punching Products,Surface Boxes, Lantern Post Base, bollards, agricultural castings, tractor parts and conduit fittings, etc.We can produce castings from 0.10kg to 500kgs, we also manufacture products according to the drawings and specifications required by the customers.
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Main Products

manhole/handhole covers, drainage covers, fittings and other castins