Product ID: NdFeB_Magnet-001

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aterial Grade of NdFeB magnet:
Magnet N-( N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N48, N50),
Magnet M-(35M,38M,40M,42M,45M,48M),
Magnet H-(35H, 38H, 40H, 42H, 45H),
Magnet SH-(30SH,33SH, 35SH, 38SH, 40SH,42SH),
Magnet UH-( 28UH, 30UH, 33UH,35UH,38UH),
Magnet EH-(28EH, 30EH,30EH,33EH,35EH)
.widely used
  • fuction
    • rare-earth permanent magnet can be used as an ideal magnet in mini-motor, permanent-magnet instrument, electronic industry, auto industry, petrochemical industry, resonance,sound device, magnetic suspension system, magnetic transmission machine and magnet apparatus etc.