Bumper Guard XB-252

Product ID: Bumper Guard

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How to fix
Before installation, select the proper place, clean the dust, oil, etc with the cleaning-aid.
If the temperature dropped under 0 degree,please make the goods warm before installation.
Pull off the cover of the adhesive tape, fix the good on the place you selected.
  • Bumper Guard XB-252 ^$Explicate:
  • Bumper: XB-252
  • Packing Qty: 1*20
  • G.W. 13.1KG
  • N.W. 11.5KG
  • Measure: 56*28.5*22cm
  • Color: Red/Black/White/Gray
  • Material: PVC
  • ^#Bumper Guard XB-250^$^#Bumper Guard XB-253^$^#Bumper Guard XB-251^$^#Bumper Guard XB-255^$^#
  • Features
    can be installed in the front^$This good can be installed in the front and rear of the car bumper. It process special coating, protect and decorate your car.^#Elegant and dynamic design^$Elegant and dynamic design, many color available, match well with all kind of car.^#Protection for bumper corner^$Protection for bumper corner, avoid scratch of the car.^#

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