Car Antenna XB-807

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Be suitable for all car
1.Innovative design, it is the first choice of the fashion car.
2.Easy installation, suitable for all kinds of cars.
3.It can decorate your car and receive radio signals function.
4.Free adjust angle from 0~90 degree.
5.It is convenient to attach and detach when cleaning.
1.Select the place to attach and clean its surface of the window well with cleaner.
2.Take the back paper of double side tape of main body bottom and attach it outside of the window.
3.Attach the bottom plate of the antenna correspond the main body.
1.Before installation, select the right position, clean the surface with cleaning aid, keep the surface clean.
2.Fix the body on that position.
Packing Qty: 1*40
G.W. 6.2KG
N.W. 5.7KG
Measure: 56*28.5*24cm
Color: Argent/Red/Purple/Blue
Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Car TV Antenna XB-814^$As universal type, diversity antenna is excellent to various functions, design as well as clear to a sensitivity of the receipt with included amplification, different from a existing antenna.
  • How to install
  • ^#Car Antenna P-98^$Cellular antenna serial product
  • Description: Cordless antenna for portable telephones
  • Feature
  • 1.Compatible with any portable cellular telephone on the market.
  • 2.4db gain in horizontal phone.
  • 3.3db gain in vertical plane.
  • 4.Easy installation.
  • 5.Cordless operation no cable hookup.
  • 6.No power hookup.
  • ^#
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