Non-Slip Pedal XB-362

Product ID: Pedal Series

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1.Take out one bolt from the base arm thus releasing one side of the base.
2.Put the pedal cover on the original pedal and pull the holder shaft over the rear side of the original pedal.
3.If necessary, one side of the holder shaft may not be needed on certain types of vehicles.
4.Bring the base arm over the holder shaft.
5.Screw the bolt on the base arm and adjust the pedal pads to the desired angle.
6.By pressing down on the pedals, check to make sure that installation is secure.
Packing Qty: 1*20
G.W. 10.0kg
N.W. 9.4kg
Measure: 50*28*20cm
Pedal Color: Argent/Blue
Plastic Color: Black/Flamboyance
Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Non-Slip Pedal XB-363^$Packing Qty: 1*25
  • G.W. 5.6 KG
  • N.W. 5.0 KG
  • Measure: 50*28*20CM
  • Pedal Color : Argent/Blue/red/Purple
  • Meterial: aluminium alloy
  • ^#Non-Slip Pedal XB-311^$Non-Slip Pedal: XB-310
  • Packing Qty: 1ⅹ30
  • G.W. 6.1KG
  • N.W. 5.6KG
  • Measure: 41*28*24CM
  • Pedal Color: Argent/Red/Blue/Purple
  • ^#Non-Slip Pedal XB-318^$^#Non-Slip Pedal 320^$^#Non-Slip Pedal XB-321^$^#
  • Features
    Reduce accidents ^$Reduce accidents because of its wide non-slip surface.^#Specially designed surface^$Specially designed surface that works better in snowy or rainy conditions.^#Adjustable to any angle^$Adjustable to any angle and height makes it easier to operate your vehicle and diminished foot fatigue.^#

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