High Performance Wafer Metal Seal Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Product ID: D373H-16C

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Product Name: High Performance Wafer Metal Seal Eccentric Butterfly Valve
Place of Origin: China

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  • Feature:^$Feature:
  • 1) Widely used in the fields such as foodstuff, beverage and medicine, purified
  • 2) Pipelines and industrial environmental protection, water treatment, building and Drainage pipelines
  • 3) The seal is dependable and this valve be used in vacuum pipeline, due to eccentric Structure
  • 4) The two eccentric structure ensures the separate of the disc and the seat, and Eliminates the uneven stress, prolongs the service life, so the seal performance is Dependable
  • 5) Performance: Labial seal 316, stainless steel labial TFE seat and spherical disc, form A compensated resilient and hard or soft seal pair whose seal is reliable, antifriction And anticorrosion and resist high temperature
  • 6) Adoptive standards
  • A) Flange dimension: API609-83
  • B) Face-to-face dimension: API609-83
  • C) Test pressure: API598-82
  • 7) Specifications
  • A) DN (mm): 3"-24"
  • B) Class: 150Lb
  • C) PS (Mpa)
  • I) Shell test: 3. 0
  • Ii) Seal test: 2. 2
  • 8) Suitable medium: Water, steam, oil, coal gas, natural gas, sea water, acid
  • 9) Suitable temperature: -40蚓 - 425蚓
  • 10) Main parts materials:
  • A) Body: AS: WCB, 316, 316SS, CF8M
  • B) Disc: 316, 316SS, CF8M
  • C) Shaft: 17-4PH, 316
  • D) Seat: 316, TFE, PTFE
  • E) Inserted parts: WCB, 316, 316SS, CF8M ^#Certificate: ISO9001:2000^$^#
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