RGTB60 Tube Labeling Machine

Product ID: 84224000

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The machine adopt Germany advanced technology and high-power administering components small inertia servo motor to reach the real perfect labeling. The system carries out high response and highly reliability by the professional approved program controller of German Siemens CO.and Mitsubishi servo system, it carries out communication between machine and man by touch screen, the precision of the main machine can up to 0.01 meter per min during the process of the sending label control.
Labeling Speed 40-60 tubes/min. ^$^#Label Max. Diameter 350mm ^$Label Reel Core Diameter 76.2mm ^#Label Max. Width 200mm ^$^#Tube Max. Diameter 65mm ^$^#Tube Min. Diameter 19mm ^$Tube Max. Length 220mm ^#

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