RGNF-30B Auttomatic Filling and Sealing Machine

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Compact design and auto tube feed. Driving part fully-closed.
Tube washing and feeding marking identification, filling, folding, sealing, code printing
and finished product output all conducted by a fully auto control system.
Tube washing and feeding conducted pneumatically, accurate and reliable.
Auto picketage effected by photoelectric inductance.
Easy adjustment and dismantling
Intelligent temp.control and cooling system makes operation easy and sealing reliable.
With easy and quick adjustment, it is suitable for using multiple kinds of soft tubes for filling.
The part contacting materials is made of 316L stainless steel, clean, sanitary and conforming to CMP for medicine manufacture.
With safety device, the machine is shut down when the door is opened.
and filling carried out only with tubes fed. Overload protection provided
Filling volume 5-120ml, Adjustable ^$^#Productive speed 1800-2400unit/hour^$^#Filling dosage 5-120ml/Tube ^$^#Tube size 200mm(Max. length) ^$^#Tube dia. Φ10-40 mm ^$^#
Easy to operation^$^#Safe^$^#Fast^$^#Highly Filling precision ^$^#

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