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This is suitable for scaling & cutting high-polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic film, it is an ideal bag maker for producing T-shape bags. This bottom sealing machine is suitable for making natural color and color-printed plastic bags. It has the merits top position stopping function and high efficiency. Main Technical ParameterModel DFR-500 DFR-700 DFR-800
Max. sealing & cutting width 500mm 700mm 800mm
Sealing & cutting length 100-1000mm 100-1000mm 100-1300
Sealing & cutting thickness 0.005-0.50mm 0.005-0.50mm 0.005-0.50mm
Cutting precision ?mm ?mm ?mm
Bag making speed 40-120pcs/min 40-120pcs/min 40-150pcs/min
Power of main motor 0.75kw 1.1kw 1.4 kw
Power of heating cutting 2kw 2.4kw 2.6 kw
Tower power 3kw 3.8kw 4 Kw
Weight (About) 800kg 900kg 1100Kg
Overall dimension (L舲脛) 2600?100?500mm 2600?300?500mm 2900X1500?600mm
Note: All technical parameter are subject to change without notice.

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