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The machine combines the advantages of the same type product in domestic and overseas, with a good plasticity and with LDPE as raw material, is a kind of specified equipment that manufactures inter-chaining bag. Its products have been widely used in packaging of food, garniture, drug, hardware parts, decorating parts and convenience goods etc. Main products of inter-chaining bag are: sealing packing bags such as inter-chaining bag with common packing, inter-chaining bag with color, saddle bag with double connection, inter-chaining bag for cold-storage etc.The inter-chaining bags manufactured by the machine group have advantages of convenient opening, high firm
character and good sealing character etc.
1、This machine uses fully automatic servo motor with computer digital function to control length, it is easy for operation.The produced one is very tight and fast at the seals,it apparently shows a good quality.
2、Flow process of production is from rolled material through automatic edge alignment,edge trimming, strip piercing,laminating,ultrasonic compressive embossing,photo cell sensing,hole punching,thermo cutting off and ends with automatic counting,all of the operations are
fully automatic.
3、This machine equips automatic stop equipment,it will work to stop the machine when it is running out of material supply or when photo cell is out of order or when temperature is losing down and below the minimum required.
  • zip bag film blowing machine ^$Machine model Clip chain-65
  • Material LDPE
  • Extruding output 10~30kg
  • Film width 100~580mm
  • Thickness of film 0.04~0.15mm
  • Film annulus diameter φ550mm
  • Diameter of screw φ65mm
  • Length diameter Ratio of Screw 28:1
  • Heater 15kw
  • Power 30Kw
  • Overall dimension(L舲脛) 6000?200?500mm
  • ^#zip bag making machine ^$Machine model Clip chain-600
  • Material LDPE-PP-PPE
  • Capacity 50~150 (Cycle/min)
  • Cutting width 100~500 mm
  • Cutting length 120~600 mm
  • Thickness of film 0.04~0.15 mm
  • Film annulus diameter φ500?200 mm
  • Step motor 1kw
  • Transducer motor 1.5kw
  • Heater 3kw
  • Food-out motor 0.25kw
  • Ultrasonic 1set
  • Conveying electrical 0.55kw
  • Food film motor 0.55kw
  • Sealing capacity 10-30m/min
  • Cooling 0.37kw
  • Power 15kw
  • Overall dimension (L舲脛)mm 8500?800?800
  • Voltage 50Hz 220v
  • Press empty machine 1900?850?700
  • Packing dimension (L舲脛)mm 1700?500?900
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