Rice Hulling Rubber Rollers

Product ID: Parkman-V

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Some of the features which make Parkman-V rolls the favourite choice of rice mills are:

Accurate Dimensions:

Accurate dimensions ensure proper mounting and smooth running of rolls.

Heat Resistance:

Rolls are designed to resist high heat genrated during milling process.

Tight Bonding :

Tight bonding between metal shell and rubber layers ensures proper running throughout the life of rolls.

Minimum Breakage:

High tensile strength of rolls reduces breackage of rice grains and wearing of rolls.

Milling Output:

The high abrasion rubber compound, made with Parkman's unique "Thermoblend" technology, gives about 20% - 30% more output compared to regular rolls. Under proper operating conditions, you can expect 4 pairs of Parkman-V rolls to give output of 5 or more pairs of most other brands, This means lesser wastage of time in changing rolls and lesser cost per ton of Paddy miled.
10" F2 Type^$^#
10" Drum Type^$With pinpoint accuracy and rigorous testing of , our drum type rolls work smoothly without undesired vibrations and give maximum shelling efficency^#10" F2 Type^$Our rubber rolls atleast give 300 tons of milled rice output, this is guaranteed or your money back !^#10" DS Type^$With appropriate usage it gives almost 400 Tons of Milled Rice Output^#14" type^$We also make 14" Rolls, this gives almost 40% more output than 10" Rolls^#6", 5", 4" DS, F2, DMR^$We also make all types of small size rolls.^#

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