LTB-A labeling machine

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Brief Introduction:
This machine adopts sticky web is advanced automatic packing machine with excellent properties, which integrates mechanism with electricity. In the process of entering bottles, (oblique for small round bottle, Vertical type for short, wide & big bottle) it can tear down the web, stick on bottle according to requirements.
The sticky label has the advantages of cleaning, non-mouldiness, elegance, durableness, and high efficiency. It's widely used in the fields of medic cine, food stuffs, stationery, cosmetics, light industry, chemical industry, etc . The machine can stick label on all types of circular stuff with great adaptability.

l Driven by bi-motors adjusting speed respecitive4ly.
l Controlled by photon-electricity with advanced step motor, it can lock itself and it has the properties of reliable location with sensitivity.
l Easy to use corollary and repair the system.
l As special requirement, the ribbon could be in any color, the character is clear.

Major Technical Data
Productive Capacity: 80~200 bottles/Min
(According to the diameter of bottle mouse and the length of label)
Total Power: 300W
Voltage: 220V 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension (mm): 1200*700*1100mm
Total Weight: 240kg

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