Bindi (Body Dots)

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Bindi- Picasso Exports manufactures & exports Fashion Bindi, Indian Bindi, Bridal Bindi and crystal Bindi. Bindi (Body Dots) is arguably the most visually captivating form of body decoration. The bindi, today is nothing short of a fashion statement. Craze of Body dots is sweeping the whole world. We make bindis for all occasions and parts of your body. Picasso offers you a definitive collection of bindi in attractive shapes and designs to do up your forehead & body. Beautiful body dots/bindis offer the perfect way to convey ones' individuality. Our Bindi/Body Dots are set in sizzling designs for the fashion world.
Elegant Bindi (Body Dots)^$^#
A wide array of designs available^$^#
  • Certified Glue used

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