Blow Moulding

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We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading Manufacture & Exporters of Plastic Automatic Blow moulding machines from 200ml to 1000 Ltrs & supply of any kind of plastics machineries, ancillary equipments & spares in India
  • Plastics Automatic Blow moulding
    • Ranges from 200ml to 1000 Ltrs.
  • Pet Blowing Machines
    • Upto 20 Ltrs- Semi & fully automatic
  • Roto Moulding Machines
    • For Water Tank
  • Filling Machines
    • Packaging & filling purpose
  • spares
    • all kind of machinery spares
  • Extruders.
    • For pipes,profile,bags

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Plastic Automatic Blow Moulding Machine