Open end plastic bag

Product ID: PPWF-018

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PPWF, as a professional manufacturer in plastic wrappage fields from China, has more than 6 years experiences in design & developing wrappage aspects.

Our main products are shopping bags, T-shirt bags, anti-static bags, handle bags, BOPP packaging bags, bubble bags, fashion bags, food bags, chemical bags, trash liners, self-adhesive bags, zip lock bags, post express bags, compound bags, PVC slider reclosable bags, Polypropylene woven bags, LDPE/BOPP protective film, PET heat-resistant Polyimide film, Polyseter film (the finger of gold), Mala adhesive tape, Industry double-side tape, kraft adhesive belts, stationery tapes, electrician tapes, masking tapes, which are widely used in electronics, clothes, gifts, hardware, super market, foods, chemical & medical packaging applications.

Depending on our experienced staffs and imported equipments from Taiwan & Japan, plus high efficiency sales supports, we have won many loyal customers from South-east Asia, Middle East, Africa and America. In fact, we have been dedicating to stand with our customers, and help them lower the cost with high efficiency

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